Nepal, Kathmandu Valley: How to make the most of Himalayas on your own

When we decided to travel to Nepal, our first thought was dedicated to the Himalayas. With dreamy eyes, we imagined ourselves on top of the mountain giants looking over the landscape ready to spread the wings and fly. Then the facts crashed down on to us. We are not any rock climbers, we do not have any real experience with extended hiking and we have a really low budget, which doesn’t allow us to hire any guide. Bah. What are we going to do? That’s when we discovered the Indigenous People’s Trail. It was perfect. Ten villages spread across the Kathmandu Valley connected by a walking path, each and everyone representing different community and culture.

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Indonesia, Sulawesi: Peculiar culture of Tana Toraja

After exploring the island of Papua, we boarded a ferry and five days later reached Sulawesi, one of the four biggest islands of Indonesia. Sulawesi is located east of Borneo and comprises of four long peninsulas, which creates a funky shape of the landmass. It’s known for its coral reefs, diving and national parks. However, our interest was quite different. We got on the mission to explore the peculiar culture of Tana Toraja, renowned for their animistic beliefs, unusual burial sites and funeral ceremonies.

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