About Me

so you wonder…. does she wander?

and she does.  last five years.  tirelessly.

if you like storytelling, you’re at the right place. I will keep it slow, country by country. check my travel map here.

the name of the website is a tribute to my homeland – Slovakia. they know. (for the curious: nevestahol)

I was only laying in the bed when it occurred to me that letters BF connect so many things I like….. born free, barefoot, be fucked, brain freeze, bonfire etc. so I have decided to use it in my very first blog. to write down my own baffling fairytale. you will get to know me through my articles pretty well, so I don’t write much.

are your initials BF? let me know, it can’t be a coincidence. 


be fabulous . become famous . blame friends